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May Meltdown

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It’s that time of year – the students are restless, educators are exhausted, and the weather has turned BONKERBALLS hot! The May Meltdown has arrived. Summer Break is right around the corner and kids are busting at the seams to escape to their summer delights. Chances are you’re dreaming of some poolside relaxation yourself…

If only there was a tool to get you to the finish line. Something educational and entertaining for your students and easy for you to facilitate…


In these last few weeks of school, let TinkerClass do the heavy lifting! With our extensive library of NGSS-aligned episodes and projects, we’ll keep your students laughing and learning until the very last day! Check out our recommendations for turning the May Meltdown into May Magic!

We’ll fill the last days of school with fun

(and learning)!

Let TinkerClass plan your lessons for the week! Take students through every step of the scientific process with Listen, Wonder, Tinker, and Make! Follow the steps below, and you’ve got your science class planned for the next week! WOW!

Time flies when you’re thinking like a scientist

I just need a moment!

Maybe you just need enough material for one class? Extra time at the end of the lesson? Lunch break or indoor recess? Check out all the ways to WOW when you’re short on time!

  • All you need is Listen! Play a 15-minute episode of Wow in the World and invite students to share what made them say “WOW!”
  • TinkerClass now offers short-form episodes and activities based on Two Whats?! And A Wow!, the interactive, science-based game show hosted by Guy and Mindy! Every science-themed episode has three micro-episodes, or rounds, each less than 5 minutes long.
  • Check out our WowTunes channel for quick, GROOVY beats that will have your students dancing while they learn about space, dinosaurs, animals, and of course POOP!

More Ways to WOW: