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WOW Your Class With Podcasts in the Classroom!

Your classroom is a place kids love, one filled with creativity, where curiosity is rewarded with bonkerballs learning, and there is plenty of WOW to keep kids engaged. We’ll help you put even more “awe” in awesome with the best podcasts for the classroom!

Together, we’ll combine podcasts in the classroom with creative projects to explore what students hear. Check out all our FREE resources for podject-based learning below!

An elementary school class poses behind a Wow in the World sign
A young girl wearing animated headphones and goggles is shown with a lightbulb over her head.


Powered by the top kids and family podcast WOW IN THE WORLD, TinkerClass is a FREE podject-based learning program that uses 21st century skills to guide students to listen, wonder, tinker, and make!

Tips & Tools for Teachers

A young girl wearing headphones listens to a podcast on a tablet in a classroom.

The Benefits of Using Podcasts in School

From building listening skills to meeting academic standards to supporting your curriculum, podcasts deliver!

Two students, one of whom wears animated goggles, conduct an experiment with a water bottle and a propeller.

How to Use Podcasts in the Classroom

Check out our suggested, quick and easy ways to integrate podcasts into, and enhance, your curriculum.

A spreadsheet showing the ways in which TinkerClass aligns with NGSS standards.

Wow in the World NGSS At-A-Glance

See how Wow In the World episodes align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

TinkerClass Teacher Resources

The words listen, wonder, tinker, and make are shown with corresponding icons. Guy and Mindy look up at the words from below.

Quick Start Guide to TinkerClass

Get up and running with TinkerClass today!

Welcome to TinkerClass

TinkerClass Teacher’s Guide

We’ve got all you need to know to get started with TinkerClass right here. We can’t wait to see what you and your students create!

A student wearing animated headphones smiles surrounded by four other students

What Is TinkerClass?

Learn about the baked-in benefits of podcasts for education through our FREE podject-based-learning program.

A preview of the TinkerClass guide, reading Welcome to TinkerClass

The Building Blocks of TinkerClass

Listen, Wonder, Tinker and Make! Explore what happens in each of the four phases.

A preview of the All Podjects page, featuring the Martian Beach Party and Tour of Titan podjects along with others

What is a Podject?

Podcasts + Projects = Podjects!
Find out all about them here.

An animated beaker with blue liquid and bubbles

TinkerClass NGSS at-a-Glance

See how TinkerClass content aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

A young boy and girl wearing animated hats smile and listen to a podcast together

Preparing to Use TinkerClass

Everything you need to know before getting started.

An animated stack of three books


Get familiar with frequently use TinkerClass terms.

TinkerClass Classroom Resources

A preview of a Wows and Wonders worksheet

Wows & Wonders

A place to record ideas during and after listening.

A preview of a Brainstorming Wonders worksheet

Brainstorming Wonders

Try this brainstorming tool in your classroom.

A preview of a Big Wonders Worksheet

Big Wonders Worksheet

Try this organizer with your class to get the Wonders flowing.

A preview of a Re-Testing Plans sheet

Re-Testing Plans

An organizer to support students with their experiments.

A preview of a worksheet to Improve Your Design

Improve Your Design

An organizer to support students with their engineering podjects.

What Teachers Are Saying

TinkerClass definitely gets students thinking as they’re going through and creating and communicating and saying to themselves ‘What’s working?’, ‘What’s not working?’, ‘How can we can we do this?’, or ‘How can you change this?'”

Emily Nagle

The language of the Wow and the Wonder so naturally folds into the scientific process or the teaching of scientific skills because that’s how many scientists start investigations.

Carole Paterson, Valley School
An animated Mindy Thomas holds a microphone up in the air, while an animated Guy Raz stands next to her with his hand on his headphones.
A banner displaying logos for NPR, The New York Times, NSF, Parent's Choice Gold Award, KAPi Award Winner, and iHeart Podcast Awards 23
Logos for NPR, The New York Times, NSF, Parent's Choice Gold Award, KAPi Award Winner, and iHeart Podcast Awards 23

Want Even More Wow?

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