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TinkerClass FAQs

How much does TinkerClass cost?

TinkerClass is absolutely FREE for teachers. Sign up by clicking JOIN THE WOW.

What grade levels is TinkerClass for?

TinkerClass is designed for K-5th grade.

What subjects does TinkerClass teach?

TinkerClass incorporates Science, STEAM and Language Arts.

How do I incorporate TinkerClass into my existing curriculum?

You can assign TinkerClass via GoogleClassroom and easily  incorporate it into your Science, STEAM, or Language Arts curriculum.

How does TinkerClass work with Google Classroom?

Teachers can assign the parts of TinkerClass they want their students to access directly from the website.

Do I need Google Classroom to use TinkerClass?

No, all of our templates are downloadable with a TinkerClass FREE membership.

Do I need to go through professional development to learn how to use this?

Absolutely not! We recommend that you look through our Quick Start Guide and our longer format Teacher Guide to get yourself  started.

What benefits do podcasts have for my ELL students or students with learning differences?

Research shows that listening is an important skill all children need to develop and that listening comprehension is a critical component of successful reading comprehension. Podcasts are a great resource to help educators with this important work. 

Are there ads in the episodes?

Absolutely not! TinkerClass podcast episodes are ad-free!

Should my students listen to TinkerClass podcasts individually or in groups?

That’s your choice! The beauty of TinkerClass is that you can adapt everything to your needs. We think Listen works best either individually or as a whole class, but we’ve had teachers assign Listen to small groups as well!

Does TinkerClass work for a classroom with students at varied learning levels?

Absolutely!!! We recommend that you look through our Teacher Guide to get yourself familiar with the tool and how you can differentiate the content.

Is there research that shows using TinkerClass is beneficial to my students?

Numerous research studies have been conducted with TinkerClass and the good news is that teachers and students reported gains in terms of scientific thinking and knowledge of how research studies are conducted.

I can’t access or from my school network. What should I do?

Many schools have firewalls that restrict access to sites not on an approved “whitelist.” Ask your IT department to add and to your school’s whitelist. Tinkercast and TinkerClass never collect student data of any kind or require student login.