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Welcome to TinkerClass

The first ever FREE podject-based-learning tool that invites K-5 students to listen, wonder, tinker and make like scientists and engineers. Includes ad-free WOW IN THE WORLD podcast episodes for students and NGSS-aligned curriculum.

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How It Works

Podcasts + Projects = Podjects! Our FREE podject-based-learning platform marvelously brings out the creativity in every student as they listen, wonder, tinker, and make.

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Featuring episodes from one of the top science podcasts for students Wow in the World, TinkerClass invites students on an auditory adventure about real WOWs in the world of science, technology and innovation.

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TinkerClass carves out space for creative innovation as students reflect and record all the wows and wonders the episode sparked.

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Students use their critical thinking skills to sort their wows and wonders, identify questions they might be able to answer, and choose “One Big Wonder” to further investigate.

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Student create, collaborate, and build confidence as they plan, investigate, and ultimately present their own WOW findings.

The text, "The Plan. Materials: Muffin pan or small tray, 6 small items (such as) ice cube, grape, raspberry or blueberry, small cube of cheese, pinch of raisins, battery, piece of chocolate, crayon, rock or marble. Let's get ready for the experiment! Gather the materials and add a photo of them here." There is space for a photo below the text.
The text, "The Investigation. It's experiment time! Follow these steps to investigate The Big Wonder. WOW-TO: Step 1: Gather at least six items. Step 2: Fill each section of a muffin tray with a different item. Step 3: Place the tray full of items in direct sun for about 10 minutes. Step 4: Observe what happens. Step 5: Record observations on the next slide." Next to the text is a space to add a photo.
The text, "Observations. This is the place to record what happens during the experiment." above two rows of six boxes each for students to take notes.
The text, "Reflect. Wow findings! What WOWed you? What did you learn?" alongside space for a student to respond to the prompt.
The text "Cut and paste to add any of these stickers to the slides above." appears above stickers of sunglasses, a globe, an umbrella, a gear, a notepad, a light bulb, a pencil, headphones, and a star

Why make YOUR class a TinkerClass?

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The text "Guided Experiment for Celery Science. This activity pairs with Pepper Family Tree" appears alongside a photo of three celery stalks in colored water

Benefits of TinkerClass

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Project-Based Learning

TinkerClass streamlines project-based learning with built-in tools and guided prompts that support both group and independent work. Easy prep? Done. Customized lessons? Check. TinkerClass seamlessly integrates into existing curriculum.

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21st Century Skills

Creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and confidence are the WOW factors of TinkerClass. They’re also the WHY behind it! TinkerClass sparks kids’ wonder, boosts their confidence, and inspires them to be the wow they wish to see in the world!

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TinkerClass content and resources align with K-5 science disciplines (Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences), engineering topics, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to help you support, nurture, and bring out the WOW in your budding scientists.

Bring the WOW Into Your Classroom!

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