The Tinkercast story starts with Mindy Thomas (SiriusXM Kid’s Place Live) and Guy Raz (NPR), two super-hero radio hosts who decided to team up. Guy’s super-powers include investigative reporting, interviewing amazing people, and telling really great true stories on the radio as well as creating some of NPR’s best-known podcasts.  On the other side of sanity, Mindy’s powers include flushing kid listeners’ down the toilet, interviewing muppets and telling incredible make-believe stories every morning on her show Absolutely Mindy.

Both heroes possess one of the greatest powers of all – being a parent. They knew there was a need for smart, creative, curiosity-inspiring podcasts that kids and grownups could listen to together. Combining their two sets of skills was a sure bet to making something truly unique.

Together Mindy and Guy created the Breakfast Blast Newscast – a kid’s morning news segment on SiriusXM’s Kid’s Place Live. The show was so awesome that it won a New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs award. And Mindy and Guy had such a blast working together that they wanted to do more. Way more!  They decided to team up to start Tinkercast with the goal of inspiring curious kids and their grown-ups to put down their screens and look up at the world together.  The Tinkercast idea was born.