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Who, When, Wow!

Who, When, Wow! is a new Tinkercast original podcast that takes listeners on an auditory journey into the lives of unsung heroes, unknown heroines and amazing humans who make us say “WOW!” Listen to any free episode right here and keep the wow rolling at home with our free activities and resources.

This Week's Episode:

The Dancing Plague (3/22/23)

In 1518 in modern-day France, a woman named Frau Troddea started dancing in the town square… and didn't stop. Soon, other citizens in the town found their way to the dance floor to join her… and they didn't stop dancing either! Is dancing contagious?! It's up to Carly Q to travel back in time to find out. Visit to download a printable worksheet based on this episode. Originally aired 2/15/23.

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A Missing Masterpiece (3/15/23)

In 1953, the world’s most famous dog, Masterpiece, disappeared without a trace. It’s up to Carly Q at The Bureau of Universal Time Travel and Historical Exploration Department (also known as B.U.T.T.H.E.D), to travel back in time to 1950’s New York City to see if she can find out what happened to this beloved pooch. […]