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Make This Summer a WOW Summer!

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Imagine this: your child is entertained, spending less time on screens, laughing AND learning…ALL SUMMER LONG!

Sound too BONKERBALLS to be true?! Not with Tinkercast! 

We’ve all heard of the “Summer Slide,” those three months when kids are out of school and doesn’t always have the same opportunities to keep building on the knowledge and skills they worked so hard to learn over the school year. Some kids might hold onto what they learned for the whole summer, while others might experience some “learning loss.”

While this may sound discouraging, it’s important to remember that some learning loss is completely normal and even healthy because it might lead to more flexible behavior and better decision-making. Nonetheless, “summer slide” can lead to increases in learning disparities, which is why Tinkercast wants to turn “learning loss” into “learning leaps” this summer.

This summer, SLIDE into WOW and WONDER with Tinkercast!

At Tinkercast, we believe humor and awe are FUNdamental to learning! It’s our mission to reach curious kids everywhere, and we see podcasts as a great way to keep kids from all backgrounds laughing and learning throughout the summer! Your child will be having so much fun with our episodes and activities, they won’t even realize they’re learning – but they are! 

In testing for TinkerClass, teachers used Wow in the World episodes and projects to teach scientific concepts. The teachers reported that after listening to Wow in the World, their students scientific thinking, creativity, confidence, collaboration, and communication all increased! Keeping your curious kids laughing while their learning this summer means they’ll start school ready to learn!

Summer Episode Playlist

Did you know that listening to audio can improve literacy and increase creativity?! Check out Tinkercast’s summer playlist with episodes that will have your child WOWing while they’re learning! 

Go on a ocean adventure!

Listen on the way to your next beach vacation! And don’t forget to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th!

  • Yay for Octo-Moms!: What’s better than one Octo-mom? 20,000 Octo-moms! Mindy and Guy find an underwater volcano and the Octo-moms and Octo-babies that call it home!
  • Mysterious Case of the Missing Salmon: There’s a mysterious salmon killer on the loose. Mindy, Guy Raz, and the whole crew uncover why the salmon are disappearing after rainstorms! Is there something in the water? 
  • Sea Slug StyleChop Off Your Head And Grow A New Body!: Ever felt like a sea slug with its head popped off?! Join the crew as they wrap their brains around the mind-boggling, self-decapitating Elysia marginata!
beach with beach toys

We scream for ice cream!

Learn all about summer’s favorite treat, right in time for National Ice Cream Day on July 17th!

  • Watch Me Drip: The Science of Slow Melting Ice Cream: What’s up with all the melting ice cream on hot summer days? Mindy and Guy Raz scour the globe in search of a special new ingredient said to prevent ice cream from melting!
  • Brain Freeze!? Why in the world does brain freeze happen when we’re enjoying a cold, tasty treat? And how do we get rid of it?! Grab an ice-cold refreshing drink, and get ready to explore the world of BRAIN FREEZE!
ice cream

It’s time to get sporty!

Get in the Summer Olympic spirit with episodes all about being active and engaging in a little friendly competition!

  • Slingshot Spider: The carnival is in town with each ride based on a special animal ability! There’s Bombardier Beetle Blasters, The Mantis Shrimp Punching Bag and, the scariest ride of them all, the Slingshot Spider Catapult!
  • Bee Ball: Mindy’s all abuzz about the latest scientific study about “playing”… but why is she asking everyone to wear bee costumes?! And why are they playing a game of BEE BALL?
  • Exercise Extreme: Join Mindy, Guy Raz, and the Wow Crew on a trip to Lil Buff Bunny’s Big Gym and learn about how small bursts of exercise throughout the day may benefit your health!
  • Trumpet Fish Tag: Some of the best Tag players in the world are vying for the title of champion. The front runner – The Trumpeter!

Baby sharks and supersonic flights…WOW!

Don’t forget to celebrate Shark Week (July 23-28) and National Aviation Day (August 19) with Guy, Mindy, and the crew!

Summer Wow-tivities

With these STEM activities, your child will be thinking and experimenting like a scientist all summer long!

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Make a Solar Oven

The Big Clean-Up

Ocean Squish Bags

More Ways To WOW This Summer!

  • Check out this article from We Are Teachers on how to incorporate learning into your everyday routine, such as cooking, playing, and more!  
  • Visit WowTube for silly, science-based videos that will have your child laughing while they’re learning!  
  • Keep those reading skills sharp this summer! Check out our full collection of Wow in the World books here
  • Check out 2023’s WeWow Summer Week for four fun-filled adventures with Dennis & all your friends from Tinkercast [click the link and filter “Summer Week”]!
  • Want more activities like these? Join the W.O.W. for a TOP SECRET welcome package full of Tinkercast goodies, access to 900+ online activities, and so much more! 
  • Share TinkerClass, our FREE podject-based educational tool, with teachers in your life!
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