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Summer Listening List

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Looking for some screen-free entertainment to keep your kids laughing and learning during the break? Check out our Summer Playlist for 50 podcast episodes that will have them WOWing and WONDERing all Summer long!

Games/ Interactive

  1. Any Given Sun Day (Two Whats? And A Wow!)
  2. Tentacular Spectacular! (Two Whats? And A Wow!)
  3. Pirates and Parrots (Extra Blurt)
  4. Everything Underwater (Extra Blurt)
  5. Coral Reefs (The Big Fib)
  6. Playgrounds (The Big Fib)
  7. Sand vs. Grass (Smash Boom Best)
  8. Trains vs. Planes (Smash Boom Best)
  9. You Play! Worm and Jelly Sandwich (Don’t Break The Rules)
  10. You Play! It’s Raining Donuts (Don’t Break The Rules)

Myth & Mystery

  1. The Mystery of Eilean Mor (Who, When, Wow!)
  2. The Oak Island Treasure Hoard (Who, When, Wow!)
  3. Six Minutes Begins (Six Minutes)
  4. A Brand New Case (Sound Detectives)
  5. The Magic of Mermaids (5-Minute mysteries)
  6. Exploding Watermelon (5-Minute mysteries)
  7. Who’s Who in Greek Mythology (Greeking Out)
  8. You Odyssey This: Trouble in Ithaca (Greeking Out)

Social Emotional

  1. The Funky Duckling (Once Upon a Beat)
  2. 3 Goats and a Bully (Once Upon a Beat)
  3. My Creativity Is Special (Charm Words)
  4. I Am Smart and Capable (Charm Words)
  5. What Do You Believe? (What’s Poppin’ Penny)
  6. The Five Senses Game (What’s Poppin’ Penny)
  7. Black is Beautiful (Adventures of Cairo)
  8. Best Friend Blues (Adventures of Cairo)


  1. Seahorse (How To Be An Earthling)
  2. Camel (How To Be An Earthling)
  3. The Secret Theme Park (Story Pirates)
  4. The Boy Who Had a Pet Ice Cube (Story Pirates)
  5. Goldilocks and the 3 Beats (Once Upon a Beat)
  6. John Henry, Steel Drivin’ MC (Once Upon a Beat)
  7. Farm Animal Veterinarian (Jamming on the Job)
  8. Prescribed Fire Manager (Jamming on the Job)

You can also download the PDF version of this list HERE!