Image result for washingtonian logoHow Mindy Thomas Became Your Kids' Favorite Podcast Star
Inside Wow in the World, the juggernaut she built with Guy Raz.
Image result for new york times logoHow Guy Raz Built ‘How I Built This’
The astonishment-prone host (Wow!) has turned a pure zeal for business (It’s amazing!) into a juggernaut podcast. (What is that like?!)
Capable and charming co-hosts Mindy Thomas and NPR podcaster Guy Raz lead each 20-30 minute, weekly, audio episode investigating factual and fascinating real-world phenomena. Part radio comedy, part scientific research, this podcast is all high-energy and jam-packed with so much sneaky snuck-in science that the learning is almost subliminal.
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“The live podcast is much more like a variety show,” says Tinkercast chief executive Meredith Halpern-Ranzer. “We bring the science in by doing game shows and experiments with the audience.”
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Our love of podcasts runs deep. And now that we’re two months into producing The goop Podcast, we have that much more respect for the time, sweat, and occasional tears that go into delivering solid episodes week after week.
The 25 Best Podcasts for Kids
Entertaining, informative, and kid-friendly podcasts for bedtime, road trips, and more. Best part? They’re screen-free. Advice from Common Sense Media editors.

This is the golden age of podcasts, and the selection for kids has never been better! The best podcasts for kids will spark imaginations, or teach new ideas, or make kids laugh so hard they snort apple juice out of their nostrils. Sometimes, a podcast like Wow in the World will accomplish all three!

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This might sound like a load of hipster garbage, but trust me on this one: get your kid into podcasts. No, I’m not suggesting that your kindergartener start listening to Serial or anything like that. We’re well into the 21st century, and just like…
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Entices Families to Put Down their Screens and Look Up at the World Together
Since the NPR podcast for kids “Wow in the World” debuted in May, he’s listened to every episode three times. “It’s a little funner” than television, James said. “My brain works better.”
Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas are two parents who want all kids to put down their screens and engage in the exciting world around them.
At some point this summer, you’re probably going to have to get your kids into the car for an extended period of time. Maybe it’s a trek to the grandparents, maybe it’s a full-blown road trip. But wha…
NPR’s ‘Wow in the World’ features a demolished piñata. Of course there are dinos, too.
This half-hour dose of science and technology has endless energy and a whole lot of fact-based fun
Take a break from screens and perk up your kids’ ears with these entertaining (and shhhh….educational!) podcasts for young listeners.
There’s a new podcast out from NPR, something the network has never done before – a children’s program. It’s called “Wow in the World” and it targets
Harkening back to the ideology of our favorite entertainment mogul, Walt Disney, Wow in the World intrigues and entertains its audience while educating them.
The show will be focused on science, technology, discovery and inventions.
The new podcast will encourage kids ages 5-12 to find the “wow” in the world and also serve as a great alternative to screen time.
As most of us adults know, podcasts are basically the best thing ever. When you’re out for a walk, cooking dinner, or just need a moment to unwind sans screens, listening to a good podcast can be just the thing you need. And now, your kids can unwind
Parents already know how addictive a good podcast can be (Serial, anyone?). Now our kids will too, thanks to NPR’s first ever podcast for children.
Like S-Town and Serial, Wow in the World wants to make listeners feel like they’re helping to solve the show’s mysteries.
Designed for kids 5-12, the NPR podcast is called Wow in the World and looks at the wonders of science, technology, discovery, and inventions. Starting May 15, NPR’s Guy Raz and SiriusXM’s Mindy Thomas will take kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the most incredible science and kid-friendly news stories of the week.