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Celebrate Halloween with Tinkercast!

Bring WOW to the spooky season with our bewitching podcasts, activities, resources, and more! Whether you’re a grown-up, a teacher, or a Wowzer, we’ve got some fang-tastic stuff for you to check out!

Get spooky all week long with WeWow!

WeWow is a variety show that’ll surely knock your socks off! Each day, listen to one of your favorite spooky episodes of Wow in the World and try our tinkering activities at home!

Day 1: Screaming for Science

Join Mindy and Guy Raz as they head to ScreamCon to unpack the six different types of human screams, and learn why not all screams are so bad! Then, learn more about sound with our Screaming Balloon experiment!

Day 2: SpiderMindy to the Rescue

Mindy is up on her roof dressed as a… 9 legged spider?! Learn what she has spinning up her sleeves as Mindy, Guy Raz, and the gang discover the WOWs of spiderwebs. Then, make your own spiders out of egg cartons!

Day 3: Orange is the New Bat

Why is Guy Raz wearing a bright orange bat costume?! It’s time to meet the newly discovered species, MYOTIS NIMBAENSIS! Then, play a round of Echolocation Hide & Seek!

Day 4: Growling Ghost Crab

What starts out as a paranormal phenomenon slowly turns into a scientific sensation as Guy and Mindy learn all about the ghoulish ghost crab and their growling stomachs! Then, try our Dancing Rice experiment!

Day 5: Adventures in Aphantasia

Join, Mindy, Guy Raz, and the whole WOW crew on a scary, fun adventure into your imagination, and learn WHY in the world scientists think people who experience aphantasia, or mind blindness, might not get as scared as those who don’t experience it! Then, try mind-mapping!

Dress up as a WOW Character!

Need costume inspiration? Dress up as a character from your favorite Tinkercast shows!

Here are some past costumes from Wowzers:

And don’t forget to enter our costume contest!

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Who, When, Wow! Podcast + Worksheets

Travel back in time with your class and discover history’s greatest mysteries with Who, When, Wow! Mystery Edition. Listen to ‘The Ghost Road of Saratoga’ and develop your students’ vocabulary and listening skills with our worksheets!


Become the host (or ghost?) of your own scientific game show with our Halloween Trivia Kahoot!

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