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Benefits of Using Podcasts in School

At Tinkercast, we make cartoons for your ears! Our shows tell stories that inspire listeners to use their imagination and follow their curiosity. Stories that invite kiddos to lean in and say “Wow!” Our podcasts explore a wide variety of topics with everything from science and engineering, to history and mystery, to animal tales and more. So how can using these podcasts benefit your students?

A young girl listens to a podcast with headphones while holding and watching a tablet in a classroom.

Benefits of Podcasts in the Classroom

There are endless benefits of podcasts in the classroom, especially when the podcasts themselves are engaging, educational, and paired with projects that allow students to listen, wonder, tinker, and make! When used strategically, podcasts for elementary schools are an excellent teaching tool.

And there’s lots more where that came from! The impact of podcasts in education is extensive, especially with a podcast learning program designed to bring out the creativity in students and help them see more WOWs in the world.

Meet Listening Comprehension Standards

According to research, students can comprehend two to three grade levels higher than their reading level when they listen to audio stories. Audio improves language skills by making complex ideas more accessible and exposing students to new vocabulary and language patterns. The results are so compelling that Common Core State Standards now include guidelines for listening comprehension starting in kindergarten.

To meet this guideline through podcasts for elementary schools, TinkerClass became the first interactive learning tool specifically designed to engage and support learning via listening combined with project-based learning for K-5 students.

[TinkerClass] puts all of my students on a level playing field where we can listen to something together as a community and then take what we’ve listened to and put the ideas that we have into action. It activates the students to want to listen more, do more, and learn more.

Carole Paterson, K-5 Science Teacher

Ready to Bring Podcasts to Your Classroom?

Sign up for TinkerClass, the first ever FREE podcast- and project-based learning program that invites K-5 students to listen, wonder, tinker and make like scientists and engineers. Includes ad-free WOW IN THE WORLD episodes and NGSS-aligned curriculum.