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How to Use Podcasts in the Classroom

We know that listening is an important skill children need to develop and that listening comprehension is a critical component of successful reading comprehension. Podcasts can be a great resource to help educators with this important work. Whether you are totally new to using podcasts in the classroom or have already been doing it for years (yes, we see you, teachers that WOW), we hope there’s something here for you to try out in your classroom!

Some quick and easy ways to integrate podcasts into, and enhance, your curriculum:

Pre-Listening Ideas: Much like pre-reading activities prepare the reader to read, pre-listening activities prepare the listener to listen. Our pre-listening activities help prepare listeners by activating prior knowledge and setting a purpose for the listening.

During-Listening Ideas: These activities focus more on comprehension by helping listeners to make connections, learn to monitor their understanding, generate questions, stay focused and determine importance from the content they are listening to.

Post-Listening Ideas: Our post-listening activities provide listeners with the opportunity to summarize, question, reflect, discuss and respond to what they just heard.

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