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Extra, Extra! WOW All About It!

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Two Whats?! And A Wow! is now in TinkerClass!!!

I’m going to present you with three statements, but – and this is a BIG BUT- only one of these statements is a true WOW. The other two are a couple of made-up “WHATs?!”.

Which of the following statements is a true WOW? Is it…

  1. Guy and Mindy are leaving Wow in the World to start a true crime podcast. 
  2. TinkerClass costs $999/ month for teachers to use
  3. Two Whats?! And A Wow! has launched on TinkerClass! 

Let’s reveal the winning WOW!

You guessed it! Two Whats?! And A Wow! has launched on TinkerClass! Those other two statements are BONKERBALLS!  Two Whats?! And A Wow! (TWAAW)  is a science-based game show that turns learning into a game. Kids love TWAAW, and now your students can too! 

Why it WOWs with students!

TWAAW engages students by turning awe-mazing science facts into an exciting game show quiz. Students make an educated guess and test if their answer is right! Why does this matter? Studies show that classroom games can help students become more motivated to learn and participate. 

Additional research reveals that students learn better when they receive immediate feedback and are aware of their progress. In TWAAW, Guy and Mindy reveal the correct answer in a friendly and engaging way. So whether a student gets the answer right or wrong, they’re learning and having fun!

Why it WOWs with teachers!

TinkerClass episodes of TWAAW are short and sweet at about 3-5 minutes long, making them perfect for brain breaks, transitions, lesson introductions, or exit tickets. 

Want to take your learning to the next level? Make it happen with podjects [podcasts + projects]! Each set of mini-episodes of TWAAW will include a Guided and a Make-Your-Own (MYO) activity that you can do with your students. The Guided Activities dig deeper into the content of the episode, and the MYO Activity encourages kids to create their own playful version of the game. Click here to learn more about the final step of the TinkerClass process, MAKE, and how Project-based learning can benefit your students!

Time to Play!

Ready to bring TWAAW to your classroom?! Check out all of the episodes and podjects at Here’s a few to get you started!

Ready for a BIG Bonus?

No Ads = Extra WOW!

Are ads getting in the way of your students’ WOWing? Not anymore! 

All TinkerClass episodes have always been ad-free, but we wanted to give teachers more ways to WOW without interruption! Now TinkerClass teachers can access the entire catalog of Wow in the World AND TWAAW episodes with no advertisements. That’s right, we’re giving you hundreds more episodes, completely AD-FREE! If you’re a TinkerClass member, all you have to do is log in and visit the Wow in the World page or the TWAAW page. As long as you’re logged in, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE will show up ad-free!

But wait…THERE’S MORE!

We wanted to make sure your students can LISTEN, WONDER, TINKER, and MAKE with any episode of Wow in the World! And now you can. As long as you are logged in to TinkerClass, you can assign LISTEN, WONDER, TINKER, and MAKE via Google Classroom for any Wow in the World episode! While Guided Activities are only available for featured TinkerClass episodes, you can still use one of the two Make-Your-Own Activities provided with all episodes to build an experiment or design an engineering challenge! How’s that for a WOW?

Not a TinkerClass member? Don’t miss out on the WOW! It’s easy and FREE to sign up!