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Teaching TinkerClass
in 4 Easy Steps

Where to Begin?
Start Small to Succeed!

Aligning With
Your Curriculum

TinkerClass in 4 Easy Steps!

From How? to Wow! ” is here to help you integrate TinkerClass into your existing curriculum and schedule. Let’s get your K-5 students to Listen, Wonder, Tinker, and Make like scientists and engineers!


Start by choosing a podcast episode to create a podject around. Easily assign students an episode from our library of engaging NGSS-aligned content. Here’s how!


Next, encourage students to reflect on what they heard, record their WOWs and then brainstorm new ideas or WONDERs inspired by the episode.


Then ask students to think critically about their initial ideas and then work collaboratively toward choosing a BIG WONDER to investigate.


Finally, students actively investigate a real-world question, challenge, or problem with a hands-on experiment or design project. Choose from our provided guided activities, or make your own!

But Wait! There’s More

Not quite ready to jump in? We’ve got even more support to get you going!

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