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WILD For World Wildlife Day

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Feathers, scales, claws, and fins! It must be World Wildlife Day! World Wildlife Day is March 3rd, but at Tinkercast we go BONKERBALLS for animals all year round! Your students will be WOW’d as they learn about about wildlife all over the world!

Flip & Mozi’s Guide to How to Be an Earthling

Sing and dance along to this intergalactic musical podcast! Travel-blogging aliens Flip and Mozi crashed their spaceship on Earth. While waiting for a tow truck, they decide to look around and learn how to be an Earthling from the animals on our planet.

Teacher Tip: Have students listen to an episode about their favorite animal and:

  • PreK/ K – Draw a picture
  • 1st-3rd – Write down their WOWs
  • 4th-5th – Write a report about what they learned


Visit our Youtube Channel for full-length podcast episodes, music videos, and more!

Teacher Tip: Use WowTube videos as a transition between activities or an introduction to a lesson!


From short-form trivia quizzes to full-length podcast episodes with questions, we got you covered! Who knew learning about animals could be such a hoot?

Teacher Tip: Kids love to learn with games! Use Kahoots as a brain break before, during, or after listening. They’re also a great way to check for understanding!

Wildlife Episodes and Podjects

Learn about wildlife the TinkerClass way through Listen, Wonder, Tinker, and Make! Check out some of our favorite animal-related episodes and do the associated podject [podcasts + project] with your students!

Teacher Tip: Want to learn more about Podject-Based Learning? Click here!

More Wildlife WOWs!

Find more ways to WOW at!