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Teacher2Teacher: Tips for Bringing TinkerClass Into Your Classroom

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Looking for ways to make your class a TinkerClass? Listen to these tips from K-5 Science Teacher, Carole Paterson, who uses TinkerClass to WOW her students!

Start Small

“Start with the Listen!”

Create a Listening Lab

“It helps to generate this classroom listening culture and builds an area where you can practice your listening skills.”

Learn Together

“When I listen to these podcasts, I am right there with them with my headphones on, listening at the same time they are listening.”

Rotations and Stations

“The podcast is the most popular table to go to of course!”

Encourage Listening Beyond the Classroom

“We want to put students in the driver’s seat and empower them to share their learning and take that curiosity out into other areas.”

Carole Paterson is a K-8 Science Teacher and SEL coordinator. She can be found Listening, Wondering, Tinkering, and Making with her students at Valley School of Ligonier.

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