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The Karate Kickin’ Cockroach Conversation Starters


It turns out that cockroaches have been around since Prehistoric times. Imagine you could slip on a cockroach suit like Mindy and Guy Raz did in this episode and travel waaaay back in time to hang with the dinosaurs. What would you do once you arrived?

In this episode we were learned that the Karate Kickin’ Cockroach is one feisty little critter with the power to defend. Can you think of some killer cockroach names sure to befit one of these 6 legged friends and terrify all wasps that dare to stand in their way? The Ultimate Warrior? Thunder-thighs Brown? What whacky names can you come up with?

Imagine that you are a cockroach looking for a peaceful solution to your problems with zombifying jewel wasps. Based on what you learned from this episode, how would you talk out your differences? (“Jewel wasp, I would really appreciate it if you would stop laying your eggs all over me…”) Bonus if you can find a friend to act out this scene with you! Extra bonus if you can do it without laughing!