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Spaced Out Pen Pal Pt 2 Convo Starters

  1. Astronauts on the International Space Station grew a rose in space to see how it would be different from a rose on Earth. What plant, (small) animal, or process would you like to test out in zero gravity? (Bake a space cake? Raise a pet space hamster?) What do you think would be different?
  2. Imagine your future astronaut self going to the International Space station for two years. You have to fill up a cargo rocket with all the supplies you would need for the entire trip. Make a list of the ten most important foods, books, movies, and other supplies you could not live without in space. Remember — you can’t run home to grab something!
  3. Design your own personal humanoid robot with as many arms, legs, camera eyes, and anything else you want. Would you program it to do your chores? Help your family members? Be your personal chef? Give your robot friend a name.