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Recipe: Galactic Space Snack Mix


Who doesn’t love a good snack mix? The sky’s the limit on what you can include in your very own customizable Galactic Space Snack Mix. Read on to find out just what we put in ours. Let’s get snacking!

a large bowl

measuring cups

2 cups Honey Nut Cheerios

2 cups Galactic Lucky Charms

1 cup pretzels matchsticks

1 cup snack crackers

1/2 cup M&Ms


Step 1: Gather together all of your ingredients. Our ingredients are merely a suggestion use whatever cereals or crackers you like for your mix.

Step 2: You will measure out and then dump all of the ingredients into a medium sized bowl.
Step 3: Mix it all up until everything is equally distributed.
Step 4: Enjoy!!!