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Recipe: Awe Inducing Popsicles

There’s really nothing better than a refreshing popsicle in the summer. These utterly beautiful fresh fruit popsicles are sure to inspire some serious awe when you serve them. You can make these with any fruits you might have on hand in the fridge.



Step 1: Prep your fruit (wash, peel and slice so that everything is bite sized).

Step 2: Fill each mold with a colorful assortment of different fruits. Gently pack fruit into the mold to fit as much as you can. Press some of the fruit against the sides of the mold as this will make for a prettier pop.

Step 4: Pour in the coconut water or juice. You shouldn’t need much with all the fruit you packed in. Leave a touch of space at the top of the mold.

Step 5: Now shimmy in your popsicle sticks.

Step 6: Freeze overnight or until solid.

Step 7: Once frozen, remove from mold and serve. If you are struggling to release them, you can run them under hot water until they pop out.

Step 8: Marvel at them and enjoy!