Recipe: Ants on a Log

In this episode we learned how ants live and work in colonies. It’s amazing to think that each tiny ant is running around serving a purpose and cooperating with the other ants to pitch in and make sure that the colony runs smoothly.

Normally, we wouldn’t encourage you to play with your food, but Ants on a Log are so fun you may not be able to resist! This is a classic snack idea that’s been around for generations. It’s easy to make, healthy and the potential variations are endless. Go on and get snacking!


  • celery (or another fruit or vegetable that is shaped like a log)
  • nut butter or cream cheese
  • raisins, currants, blueberries

  1. Trim the ends off of your celery stalks and cut them into 4” pieces.
  2. Spread the filling of choice in the center of each celery slice.
  3. Top with “ants” (raisins or whatever you choose).
  4. Serve and enjoy!