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Oh My Bleach! Save Our Reef! Conversation Starters

  1. Giant starfish are corallivores meaning they only eat coral, meat eating animals are called carnivores, and plant-eaters are called herbivores. Make up a word for what kind of eater you are based on your favorite foods. (Remember it must end in “-ivores”).
  2. Want to help save the reefs? We learned that scientists are helping the reefs by reducing the coral eating starfish but what can you do? Here are some simple steps that can help stop the problems that are causing the temperature to rise and the coral reefs to die:
    • Don’t waste water! – Try to take short showers and don’t leave the faucet running when you brush your teeth. Wastewater pollutes the oceans.
    • Reduce your fossil fuel use – walk, ride your bike or take the bus instead of driving. Burning fossil fuels increases the ocean temperature and kills coral reefs.
    • Plant a tree! – Trees reduce wastewater runoff into oceans, which keeps pollution out of the coral reef’s home.
    • Tell everyone about the reefs! Talk with your grownups and friends about how important it is to take all the above steps to help protect the organisms in our oceans like the Great Barrier Reef.