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Game: Echolocation Hide and Seek

Make like a bat and practice interpreting where sounds are coming from with this fun spin on hide and seek.



  1. Start by choosing one player to play the role of the bat (you can rotate this role later in future rounds of the game). The rest of the players will be the insects that the bat wants to eat. You can play this game with a group or simply a pair of two.
  2. Blindfold the “bat” and put them in the middle of the room, yard or field that you are playing the game on.
  3. Once the bat is blindfolded, all the “insects” start making high-pitched squeaking sounds, snaps or claps.
  4. The bat tries to find the insects using only his or her hearing. If the bat tags an insect, the insect is out and leaves the game play area until all the insects have been tagged.
  5. Switch roles and choose a new bat for the next round.