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Extreme Makeover – Spider Edition: Conversation Starters

1. As we learned in this episode, as a species, the male Jumping Spider is quite the showman. Between it’s bright red face, attention getting “hair-do”, and flamboyant dance moves, this eight-legged arachnid knows how to get attention! Can you think of other animals with unusual attention-getting features or tricks? Do you have any of your own??

2. Imagine you’re hosting your own animal kingdom edition of a tv game show. What would you call it? Which unique animal characteristics would be put to the test? What role would humans play? And most importantly, what faaaabulous prizes would be up for grabs?

3. Male jumping spiders often do a dance to impress the females. Can you choreograph your own unique, creative dance to impress someone? Maybe you teacher? Or Mindy and Guy Raz? Reggie? Knock their socks off with your smooth moves!