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Experiment: Salt Water Egg-Speriment (Camp Edition)

This simple experiment will help you understand the difference between saltwater and freshwater.


  • two empty glasses (clear)
  • room temperature water
  • salt
  • two raw eggs
  • spoon
  • dishtowel (for cleaning up spills)


Step 1: Fill both glasses ¾ of the way full with room temperature water.

Step 2: Add a very generous amount of salt to one of the glasses and stir vigorously (that means use all of your arm muscles) to dissolve as much of the salt as possible. We recommend using a ratio of 1 cup water to 1/3 of a cup salt.

Step 3: Gently drop an egg into each glass and observe what happens (if nothing happens, you probably need to dissolve the salt more or add more salt to the glass).

Step 4: Wow, watch that egg float in the salt water!