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Experiment: Make Your Own Rain Cloud


Meteorologists are scientists who study weather. They use math and science to understand and predict the weather and climate. You may wonder about the weather too. What’s a cloud? And how is it that rain falls from them? This simple science experiment simulates the concept of rain using commonly found household materials. Come on Wowzers, let’s make it rain!!!


  • clean glass or jar
  • water
  • shaving cream (the old fashioned foamy kind)
  • blue food coloring

Step 1: Start by filling your glass or jar with water, leaving about an inch or two from the rim. The water represents the atmosphere around us.

Step 2: Carefully add a layer of shaving cream on top of the water. This represents a cloud. Be sure not to make your cloud layer too thick or the experiment will take too long to activate which is boring.

Step 3: Gently add a few drops of food coloring to the shaving cream. The weight of the food coloring will slowly start to push through the shaving cream and fall down through the water in the glass. Just like rain falling!