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Convo Starters: Let’s Flamingle!

  1. “Would you do anything for science?” This is one question that Mindy poses to Guy Raz in today’s episode of Wow in the World.  Here are 5 Would You Rather questions to test just how far you would go to in the name of scientific curiosity! *note: ALL of these thing have been done by real scientists!
    • Would you rather… perform surgery on your own body OR be a human crash test dummy?
    • Would you rather…take ear mites from a cat’s ear and place them in your own ear OR invite thousands of bedbugs to bite your arms?
    • Would you rather…force yourself to stay awake for 115 hours OR spend 370 days lying down in bed?
    • Would you rather…swim in syrup OR teach a turtle to yawn on command?
    • Would you rather…catch a green anaconda snake with your bare hands OR inject yourself with poisonous snake venom?
  2. Gather a few friends or family members, and see who has what it takes to be a fancy flamingo! Here are some steps to follow in order to assume your best flamingo stance:
    1. Dress in pink feathered clothing. (optional…but come one, you know you want to)
    2. Squat down like you’re going to sit on the toilet.
    3. With your back straight, bending at the hips, push your butt backward.
    4. Without leaning forward, hold your knees at a 90 degree angles.
    5. Now try this while standing on only one leg.
    6. Close your eyes, and fall asleep without falling over.
    7. Attempt to hold this position longer than everyone else.

That’s it! Last flamingo standing gets a rotten egg! 1…2….3….Flamin-GO!