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Dinosaurs’ Puzzling Backbones

  1. Imagine taking a time machine back to the late Jurassic Period, 160 million years ago.  Considering you’d be the only human living among the dinosaurs, what would you do for fun? What would you eat? What would you do to survive?
  2. Now imagine that a giant Sauropod hitched a ride on your time machine, and showed up on your doorstep in the present day! How would you disguise this 170,000 pound beast?! How would you explain it to friends and neighbors? What would you do to train it?
  3. Now that we understand the zig zaggy puzzle-like structure of a Sauropod’s spine or backbone, think about how could recreating this structure, could help to hold up other large, heavy, moving objects in our world! With this ancient technology in mind, invent your own enormous, heavy, moving creation!

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