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Pokemon Go Make Some Friends & The Noisy Sounds of Silence

  1. In this week’s episode, we learned that researchers from the University of Wisconsin found a connection between kind and friendly people, and people who play Pokemon Go.  They also discovered that shy people playing Pokemon Go tended to be less shy while playing the game.  See if you and a friend can invent a new game that combines kindness, making new friends, and lots of laughs and fun!
  2. In the Pokemon Go story, Guy Raz and Mindy argue over whether too much screen time will turn your brain to “mush.” What do you think?
  3. This week, we learned that noise pollution in protected wildlife areas is becoming a big problem. The next time you’re outdoors, find a safe spot to sit down and make a collection of the sounds that you hear.  Make a list of these individual sounds, and note how many are natural, and how many are human-made.  Close your eyes and observe how humans and nature interact in the world we share.
  4. Be a bird translator! Listen carefully to a tweeting conversation between two birds outside. Imagine what they are saying to each other. In your translation, are they laughing, fighting, singing? Write out your translation of this conversation, and share it with a friend!
  5. With your family, friends, or classmates, think of some creative ways (both big and small), that we humans can cut down on the amount of noise pollution we bring to wildlife areas.