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A Hermit Crab Housing Crisis and The Great Human vs. Rabbit Race

  1. In the Hermit Crab Smackdown story, Mindy invites Guy Raz to take a peek inside her head. Draw a picture of what you saw inside YOUR head as you were listening!
  2. Imagine that you are a hermit crab who sells beach-front shell homes to other hermit crabs. Create a one-page advertisement for for the ultimate dream shell or neighborhood. What features would it have? What kinds of words would you use to describe it? Be sure to include an illustration!
  3. In the hermit crab story, we learned that the quality of the shell matters to the overall health and strength of the hermit crab living inside of it. We also discovered that unhealthy and weak hermit crabs, may actually work even harder than the healthy and strong hermit crabs when it comes to fighting for the shell they want.  Can you think of a time when hard work and determination helped you to achieve something that once seemed out of your reach?
  4. In our story about heels and humans, we learn that in a running race, a rabbit would actually beat the fastest human on Earth!  See if you can find a grown-up to time you walking from one end of a hallway to the other; once while walking heel to toe, and once walking from toe to heel.  Take note of which type of walking feels more natural, which feels more balanced, which takes more energy? Next, try the same thing while you run, and see if you notice any differences!
  5. Make up a 60-second story involving a race between the fastest human on earth, a rabbit, and a hermit crab. Be sure to throw in a carrot casserole, and a big surprise before any characters reach the finish line!