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Your Shoelaces on G-Force and Bubble Gulpies of the Future?

  1. In the story about gravitational force and our shoelaces, Guy Raz describes a mechanical engineer as someone who works on designing, creating, operating, and understanding how machines work. How do you think the work of a mechanical engineer makes your life easier?
  2. Guy and Mindy take a roller coaster ride to show how g-force works. Design a roller coaster of your own, and don’t forget to give it an awesome name!
  3. In the story about the Ooho future water, we learn about the invention of a disposable water container, that is edible! Using this method, can you think of other food or drink packaging that could be replaced by this same biodegradable packageless packaging? What would it look like? What would you name it?
  4. In this episode, we learned that while plastic water bottles are recyclable, far too many are thrown away and end up in landfills and our oceans. Can you think of some inventive ways to encourage people to recycle these bottles after using them
  5. Make up a 60-second story that involves the following from today’s episode:
    1. Character: polar bear
    2. Setting: amusement park
    3. Plot: A character winds up in the middle of a water balloon fight.