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The Total Solar Eclipse (When the Moon Photobombs the Sun)

  1. The August 21st Total Solar Eclipse will be seen by millions of people all across America. It is the first time a solar eclipse has been visible in the U.S. in 99 years!  How WOW is that?  Make sure to view the eclipse safely!  More info here:
  2. The total solar eclipse will look different and happen at different times across the U.S.  Draw a picture of what the eclipse looks like where you are at the beginning, middle, and end and write down what time each one happens.
  3. Ancient people made up myths to explain why the sun would occasionally disappear from the sky during the day. Mindy said the Vikings thought the sun god Sol was chased out of the sky by the wolf Skoll. Pretend you are in ancient times and see a solar eclipse. Make up a myth to explain what happened to the sun.
  4. We want to hear from you about this Total WOW!  Be our SKYWitness Reporters on August 21st and leave us a message all about your experience.  Call 888-7WOW-WOW and follow the prompts.  We can’t wait to hear about your day!
  5. For more our Eclipse Day activities home or school, click here