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Hot Buttered Popcorn…PEE?!

  1. How to listen to this episode of Wow in the World
    • Step 1: With your grownups help, make some hot-buttered popcorn.
    • Step 2: With a bowl your hot-buttered popcorn, snuggle in, and turn on this episode of Wow in the World.
    • Step 3: Every time you hear Guy or Mindy say the words “hot-buttered popcorn” eat a piece of popcorn.
  2. It’s easy to describe how things taste, but describing how something smells is a little trickier!  While wearing a blindfold, have your grownups place three different stinky foods or liquids under your nose, and see if you can correctly identify each one.  Can you use adjectives or descriptive words to describe each one?
  3.  In this episode, we were introduced to the Binturong, a mammal also known as the Bearcat.  Guy Raz described it as looking like a cross between a bear and a cat.  Without looking it up, draw a picture of the Bearcat you imagined during this story.  Once you complete your drawing, look up the real thing, and see how closely your illustration resembles the actual Binturong!