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Invite Yourself to Dinner and How Pandas Got Their Spots

  1. As we learned in today’s episode, research shows that we humans enjoy our food more when we eat it with other people; even if that other person is ourself in a mirror! The next time you eat a snack, try eating it in front of a mirror, and be sure to start a conversation with yourself.  Get to know yourself a little!
  2. Now that we know that “Crypsis” means the ability of an animal to avoid observation or detection by other animals, the next time you’re outdoors or on a hike with your family, be on the lookout for examples of camouflaging crypsis in nature!
  3. Come up with a 60-second story that includes the following things:
    • Character: A panda
    • Setting: A French restaurant where diners ate alone with their reflections
    • Plot: A character has trouble blending in
    • Once everyone in your family finishes their 60-second stories, share them over a meal together!