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Comets, Ice Age, and Human Civilization

  1. In this episode, Guy and Mindy hop in a time machine, and travel 20,000 years into the past! They find themselves in the Ice Age, stepping into what we now know as Boston, Massachusetts.  If you could travel back to a period of history to experience life at that time, where would you go?  What would you bring?  What would you want to bring back as a souvenir?
  2. One of the ways we’re able to know so much about our ancient human ancestors, is by reading the stone carvings they left. It was their way of documenting or journaling about their lives.  Do you keep a journal?  Did your parents or grandparents keep journals when they were your age? If so, ask if they’ll share some pages with you! Think of it as a ride in a paper time machine!

*For a chance to be part of the Thursday Edition of Wow in the Word:  With a grownup’s help, leave us a voice message at 1-888-7WowWow.  Tell us about a big wow in YOUR world this week! We may use your message on an upcoming episode!