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Craft: Make Your Own Board Game

Make a DIY board game to use for your next game night! You can create it using things that you probably already have around the house.

Materials (these are merely suggestions, use whatever materials you have on hand):

  • Card stock, cardboard, or heavy paper
  • Markers
  • Game pieces (borrow them from a game you have, or get creative with coins, LEGO figures, or even candy)
  • Optional: dice, a spinner or playing cards (index cards work great for creating your own deck of cards)


Step 1: Start by deciding on a game theme and brainstorming the rules. You can model your game after a game that you already play or come up with something totally new! Maybe it’s based on some family trivia. Or maybe it’s inspired by things you’ve learned from Wow in the World? You might want to write the rules down so there is no confusion during game play.

Step 2: Now it’s time to design your game board. You may want to sketch it out with paper and pencil before putting down your final design in marker. Remember it’s okay to borrow ideas from another game.

Step 3: Once your game board is complete, it’s time to play! Grab some game pieces if you need them and get into it.