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Craft: Bottle Cap Bugs

Here at WOW we love any craft that encourages you to upcycle something you would otherwise normally toss in the trash or recycle. These adorable bottle cap bugs fit that bill perfectly!


  • assorted bottle caps
  • permanent markers
  • clear plastic packaging (eg: plastic salad bar containers or takeout lids)
  • assorted googly eyes
  • pipe cleaners or straws (for legs or antennae)
  • scissors
  • glue (hot glue or Elmer’s suggested)


1. Choose the bottle cap you’d like to embellish.

2. Using a marker, draw a pair of wings onto the clear plastic packaging decorating them with any design you like.

3. Cut out the wings and glue them to the flat end of your bottle cap.

4. Next glue on some googly eyes.

5. You can also create legs or antennae for your bug using pipe cleaners.

6. Allow your creation to completely dry.

7. Take it out for a spin!