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Conversation Starters: Underwater Nit-Pickin’: Cleaner Shrimp And Why Big Fish Won’t Eat Them

Guy tries to explain to Mindy that a sunken treasure chest might not be the most reliable place to stash important documents like a treasure map. If you had a treasure map, where would you hide it?

In this episode, Mindy unveils her latest underwater invention, the Submarine Suit 2000, a wetsuit with flipper feet and a built-in oxygen tank. What type of underwater invention would you design for their future deep sea adventures?

We learned how cleaner shrimp and deep sea fish help each other out, the fish get cleaned and the shrimp get a tasty meal. Can you make up a mutualism mate for Reggie? What creature would you pair with a pigeon and what would they do to help him out and vice versa?