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Conversation Starters: The Early Bird Gets the… Bag of Chips?!


Mindy, Guy Raz and Reggie all head to The Flock of Feathers Forum in this episode where they take a deep dive into all things bird. Maybe birds aren't your thing… What type of forum is your dream destination? Would you go gaga for a forest forum? Maybe you'd be jazzed to attend a forum of dance? Describe your dream forum to a friend or family member.


There are some pretty cool bird names mentioned in this episode like the Tawny Frogmouth or the yellow bellied sap sucker. We challenge you to come up with and name an entirely new, imaginary bird species.


Mindy describes the Spectacled Eider as the Guy Raz of birds based on the fact that it has rings around it’s eyes resembling eyeglasses. Do you have a spirit animal? This could be an animal, insect or bird with a distinctive feature that mirrors something unique about Y-O-U.