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Conversation Starters: Mini-Moon!

In this episode, Mindy & Guy Raz go on a roadtrip of roadside attractions. Among other things, they visit the actual “red socks” that the Boston baseball team is named after. If you were to join them on this radical roadtrip, what attractions would you be sure to add to the itinerary?

It turns out planet Earth has had a temporary second mini-moon known as 2020 CD3 for the last year or so. A second moon deserves a grander name, don’t you think? What would you name it?

Mindy has a theory going that Reggie might just be a WERE-PIGEON. A werewolf is a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, a werepigeon is a pigeon with the ability to shapeshift into a… What do you think Reggie should shapeshift into? And what would he be able to do in his altered state?