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Conversation Starters: Masking For A Friend: The Science of How Wearing A Mask Helps Us And Our Neighbors

The Raz family motto, Manus Lavandae Sunt, sure is a funny one! It translates to, “Wash Your Hands”! What would your family motto be? Clear the Table? Eat Your Vegetables? Or maybe it’s Play With Your Food?

In this episode, Dennis is wearing a 6 foot hoop skirt to keep himself socially distanced. What could you wear or use to keep yourself safe and socially distanced? We challenge you to design a one-of-a-kind social distancing suit?

Mindy hilariously tries to recreate a study that showed that mask wearing helped reduce virus transmission between hamsters. Imagine that you were going to design your own mask study. Who would your test subjects be and how in the wow would you test mask wearing with them?