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Conversation Starters: Duck, Duck, Poop! – A Tale of Symbiosis

Mindy and Gramma G-Force both got the chance to tell stories at the First Annual Regional Library Story Slam Potluck and Pajama Party (try saying that three times fast). If you were to attend this historic event, what story would you tell?

You often here Mindy and Guy Raz say, “Anything for science!” What would you do for science? I mean, would you go around collecting duck poop? Would you dress up like a flamingo? Would you let Mindy shrink you down to the size of an ant?

In this episode, we learned how ducks and duckweed have a mutually symbiotic relationship, meaning they both get something good out of their connection. Can you make up two organisms and give them abilities and survival needs that match each others needs? Get creative and come up with some silly symbiosis!