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Booklist: The Oakville Blobs

Weather (Curious Cats), by Airlie Anderson (0-4). Bold colored kitties and simple concept words
lend appeal to the littlest readers. Fiction.

Wolf in the Snow, by Matthew Cordell (4-8). A little girl and a wolf cub she’s found get lost in a
sudden blizzard before finding their ways home in a nearly wordless, award-winning picture
book. Fiction

Sejal Sinha Battles Superstorms (Sejal Sinha #1), by Maya Prasad & Abira Das (6-9). A little girl
with a big imagination harnesses it – with some STEM insights – to help save the family’s Diwali
celebration when a hurricane threatens it. Fiction

Wacky Weather: All About Odd Weather Events (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library), by Todd
Tarpley et al. (6-9). The Cat in the Hat (with Thing One and Thing Two) introduces readers to 17
wild global weather occurrences, including fire whirls, sundogs, and waterspouts. Nonfiction

Claudia in the Storm: A Hurricane Katrina Survival Story (Girls Survive), by Denise Walter
McConduit & Francesca Ficorilli (7-10). Claudia and her sister are separated from their parents
during a helicopter rescue after the levees break. Fiction

Storm Runner (Rick Riordan Presents: Storm Runner Book #1), by JC Cervantes (8-12). A dormant
volcano near his New Mexico home opens a whole new world for Zane, whose dad turns out to be
one of the Mayan gods he must face. Fiction

Wild Weather: Storms, Meteorology, and Climate (Science Comics), by MK Reed & Jonathan Hill
(8+). As a snowpocalypse approaches, a weatherman offers insights on major weather and
climate phenomena. Nonfiction.