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Booklist: The Lost Colony of Roanoke (5/10/23)

The Lost Roanoke Colony (History’s Mysteries), by Megan Cooley Peterson (8-12). From a series that specializes in unsolved true events, this entry considers theories about the 16th century village’s vanishing. Nonfiction.

Mysterious Vanishings (Stranger Than Fiction), by Virginia Loh-Hagan (8-12). The high interest topic of missing persons (and even whole groups) pairs with photographs and accessible text in this springboard to further research. Nonfiction.

Roanoke: The Mystery of the Lost Colony, by Lee Miller. (8-12). Primary records are framed as clues for the reader as they sort evidence about the colonists’ disappearance. Nonfiction.

Weird Disappearances: Real Tales of Missing People, by Tom McCarthy (8-12). A collection of five short stories, each about a famous person/people who vanished, along with historical context of the disappearance. Nonfiction.