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Booklist: Shirley Chisholm: U.S. Congresswoman

She Was the First! The Trailblazing Life of Shirley Chisholm
by Katheryn Russell-Brown and Eric Velasquez (4-8).
A picture book biography with thorough backmatter that celebrates Ms.
Chisholm’s early life and groundbreaking political accomplishments. Nonfiction.

Shirley Chisholm Dared: The Story of the First Black Woman in Congress
by Alicia D. Williams and April Harrison (4-8).
A picture book biography with art by an award-winning illustrator focusing on
Ms. Chisholm’s childhood and early political career. Nonfiction.

Shirley Chisholm Is a Verb
by Veronica Chambers and Rachelle Baker (4-8).
This picture book biography highlights Ms. Chisholm’s tireless work through
verbs and should appeal to grassroots activists and young change-makers.

Shirley Chisholm (You Should Meet)
by Laurie Calkhoven and Kaitlyn Shea O’Connor (5-7).
A leveled biography for confident earlyreaders. Nonfiction.

A Woman in the House (and Senate): How Women Came to Washington and Changed the Nation
by Ilene Cooper and Elizabeth Baddeley (8+).
A chronological biography of key female politicians from the suffrage movement
through the 2018 election, including Ms. Chisholm. Nonfiction.

That They Lived: African Americans Who Changed the World
by Rochelle Riley and Cristi Smith-Jones (8-12).
Photographic reenactments accompany biographies of notable undersung Black heroes including Ms. Chisholm. Nonfiction.

Speak Up, Speak Out: The Extraordinary Life of Fighting Shirley Chisholm
by Tonya Bolden (10+)
A biography for upper middle grade readers interested in a deeper dive into Ms.
Chisholm’s life and work. Nonfiction.