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Booklist: RoboFish: A Mindy and Guy Raz Production

Ten in a Hurry, by Lo Cole (0-4). Ten fish scuttle in a line until – wait! – there are nine? Young readers can count down in this simple and vibrantly illustrated board book. Fiction.

All the Fish in the World, by David Opie (4-8). Trout and Mudskipper debate the various qualities of a fish in a colorfully detailed and creative, but factual, story. Nonfiction.

Fish Everywhere, by Britta Teckentrup (4-8). Dive into this lushly illustrated tour of various underwater homes for fish. Nonfiction.

Hey! A Colorful Mystery, by Kate Read (4-8). A misunderstanding about one pink fish sets off a cascade of worry among an underwater community in this concept book about fish and friendship. Fiction.

Vivi Loves Science: Sink or Float, by Kimberly Derting et al. (4-6). Vivi and her friends visit an aquarium where the fish help them learn about density and buoyancy. Fiction.

Astrid and Apollo and the Fishing Flop, by V.T. Bidania and Dara Lashia Lee (5-8). When the Hmong twins’ first family fishing trip is a flop for one sibling, reflection improves the experience. Fiction.