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Booklist: Pitcher Plants Perfectly Pungent Pee-Ew

The Very Hungry Plant, by Renato Moriconi (3-8). A famished frond sprouts from the ground, gobbling everything in sight… until it meets something hungrier in this picture book with an absurdist Eric Carle vibe. Fiction.

The World’s Best Class Plant, by Audrey Vernick et al. (4-8). Some classes have a pet while this one has a plant, and readers can learn a few helpful care tips while they laugh along with the story. Fiction.

Plants Bite Back, from DK Kids (6-9). Learn about poisonous, carnivorous, and downright dangerous plants in this leveled reader. Nonfiction.

The Secret Explorers and the Plant Poachers (The Secret Explorers #8), by SJ King (6-9). In the eighth book of this series, two friends – one a history buff and the other a biology expert – help a botanist protect Venus fly traps. Fiction.

Bloom (The Overthrow, Book 1), by Kenneth Oppel (10+). Rain brings seeds that bloom to carnivorous plants that swallow people and animals in this fast-paced horticultural horror story. Fiction.