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Booklist: One True Millipede

Centipedes and Millipedes (What Lives in the Dirt), by Susie Williams and Hannah Tolson (4-8). An illustrated introduction to the many-legged creature and its underground ecosystem. Nonfiction.

Crab Ballet, by Renée Latulippe and Cecile Metzger (4-8). A rhyming aquatic dance featuring French terms and the millipede’s marine cousins. Fiction.

How to Build an Insect, by Roberta Gibson and Anne Lambelet (4-8). Insect anatomy gets a crafty take by an entomologist author who introduces insect body parts, compares them to humans’, and invites readers to consider how the bug body parts work. Nonfiction.

Going Buggy, by Patty Michaels and Alison Hawkins (5-7). An easy reader in the ‘Super Gross’ series, this highlights the ickiest insects for emerging readers. Nonfiction.

Bug Atlas, by Lonely Planet Kids (6-10). Covers many creepy crawly creatures, including a giant millipede, through information beneath small flaps and behind giant pages that unfold to reveal bugs’ secrets. Nonfiction.

Encyclopedia of Insects: An Illustrated Guide to Nature’s Most Weird and Wonderful Bugs, by Jules Howard and Miranda Zimmerman (6-10). Hundreds of bugs, including centipedes and millipedes, are examined in detail. Nonfiction.