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Booklist: Chien-Shiung Wu

ABCs of Physics
by Chris Ferrie (0-4).
A board book primer with an alphabetical introduction to major concepts in physics. Nonfiction.

Queen of Physics: How Wu Chien Shiung Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom
by Teresa Robeson and Rebecca Huang (4-8).
An award-winning picture book biography of Chien-Shiung Wu, including her research on beta decay. Nonfiction.

Women in Physics (Science Wide Open)
by Mary Wissinger and Danielle Pioli (7-10).
A collective biography of female STEM leaders, including Chien-Shiung Wu, and many of their research focuses. Nonfiction.

Chien-Shiung Wu: Physicist
by Connor Straton (8-12).
An informative biography that includes some of Chien-Shiung Wu’s critical contributions to physics. Nonfiction.

Nuclear Physicist Chien-Shiung Wu
by Valerie Bodden (8-12).
Learn more about the “Queen of Nuclear Research” and some of her contributions to the world of physics. Nonfiction.