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Booklist: Bigfoot

Pete the Cat Goes Camping, by James Dean & Kimberly Dean (3-6). Pete’s all set for his camping trip, including s’mores and some deep curiosity about Sasquatch. Fiction.

Sasquatch and Squirrel, by Chris Monroe (4-8). A solitary life is fine with Strawberry the Sasquatch until a chatty squirrel makes friendship more appealing. Fiction.

Big Foot and Little Foot (#1), by Ellen Potter and Felicita Sala (6-9). When a Sasquatch who longs to explore meets a boy who longs to see a Sasquatch, big adventures ensue. Fiction.

Sasquatch and the Muckleshoot (Unicorn Rescue Society #3), by Adam Gidwitz, Joseph Bruchac, and Hatem Aly (6-9). Two children and their protective professor travel to the fir-forested territories of the Muckleshoot in Washington state to steer curious cable news teams (and their chainsaws) away from an elusive mythical creature. Fiction.

The Art of Getting Noticed #1: A Graphic Novel (Bigfoot and Nessie), by Chelsea M. Campbell and Laura Knetzger (6-9). Fame and attention don’t appeal to Bigfoot, who finds a friend equally eager to avoid the spotlight in Nessie. Fiction.

Can You Track Down Bigfoot?: An Interactive Monster Hunt, by Brandon Terrell (8+). In this pick-your-path story readers track one of three mythical monsters, including Bigfoot. Fiction

What Do We Know About Bigfoot?, by Steve Korte and Manuel Guitierrez (8+). Introduce middle grade readers to cryptozoology, including a round-up of scientific studies and over 100 years of accounts about Sasquatch sightings. Nonfiction.